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Oregon Mobile Repair

James Hooper

(503) 756-4954




Service , repair and inspect on most types of construction equipment



Specializing in Aerial and lift equipment



Trained in EXPLOSION PROOF Manifts








2024 Repair and Maintenance/ Inspection Rates

We perform maintenance and repair on a majority of all brands of Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Forklifts, Tele-handlers and Mobile Cranes.

Annual Inspections: Consists of frame, structure, mechanical, operational and safety inspections to insure compliance with ANSI, OSHA and manufacturer’s specifications.                                                                 








Annual Inspection



Aerial Platform Lifts up to 30 ft


Aerial Platform Lifts 31 foot to 60 foot-




Aerial Boom Lifts to 30 foot-


Aerial Boom Lifts 35 foot to 65 foot-


Aerial Boom Lifts 66 foot to 90 foot-


Aerial Boom Lifts 91 foot plus




Mobile Cranes to 5 ton-


Mobile Cranes 5 ton to 18 ton-


Mobile Cranes 19 ton to 30 ton-


Mobile Cranes 31 ton to 50 ton-



Charges for additional repair and maintenance are as follows:

Labor rate is $110.00 and hour. Travel time $110.00 an hour. After hour / weekend call out and travel time $155 an hour. Additional charges for parts, fluids and shop supplies.